Monday, November 1, 2010

Heartburn and headaches

I think I finally figured out that part of the problem with my heartburn and headaches last week was due to the wonderful recipe I posted with the peanut butter.  I think I have a peanut intolerance.  Not an allergy, but intolerance.  You know, I always get heartburn after eating something with peanuts or peanut butter and I realized that I was feeling pretty crappy last week but I was eating those noodles all week for lunch.  I quit, b/c of my sudden suspicion and lo and headache or heartburn!  Who knew!!  The recipe was still good though.  I'll just have to make some modifications in the future!  Another thing that is supposed to really help remedy heartburn and headache for those of you interested are Hazelwood and Amber necklaces.  A great site to check out is  Interesting information and cool jewelry to boot!  Hope it's been a Happy Monday so far!

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