Wednesday, October 27, 2010

job hunting

You know, sometimes it's hard to remember that things happen for a reason.  I've been applying for jobs on and off since having my daughter (so.....almost 6 mos) and have barely had any interest.  Makes you really start to doubt your abilities.  I've had 2 interviews.  Both had potential, both fell through.  The latest, the person who was leaving the position changed their mind...and decided to stay. they went through an entire recruitment process only to say "Sorry, we aren't hiring right now."  UGH!!!!  The one thing that I can be okay about is the fact that at least I have a job currently.  I feel really bad for the people out there who don't have jobs and have been looking forever.  It is a very frustrating and depressing process.  I feel like I need some tips on applying.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong on my resume???  I don't know.  Good luck to those of you out there who don't have jobs.  Keep looking.  You will find something!!!! 

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